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23rd May


Upcycling! Or Fun DIY Projects to Reuse “Junk”

Before you toss that old door, basket, frame, or suitcase in the dumpster, consider the fact that there may still be life in that old junk! Just look around online on Pinterest, at your neighborhood craft fair, or even on the shelves of hip stores like Anthropologie, and you will be sure to see the many ways people are getting creative with “junk” and turning it into treasures. It’s called upcycling, and it is all the rage! The following is a list we’ve put together here at TG Roll Off of fun ways you can reuse and repurpose items in your life that you would usually throw away. Hope this gets the creative juices flowing!

A Fresh Coat of Paint!

Did you know that you can revive almost anything with a fresh coat of paint? And there is almost no easier way to paint than with a can of spray paint. Have rust issues? Sand off the flaking rust and get yourself a bottle of Rustoleum!  This stuff is great for outdoor projects and comes in a million different shades and textures. It really is the Swiss Army Knife of the spray paint world. There are so many ways you can transform an ordinary item into something extraordinary just by changing its color. Don’t forget the primer! For example…

  • Spraying anything gold automatically makes it look fancy. Use it to turn boring old cans into “gold” canisters for storing items. It can magically make terracotta pots suddenly look worth way more, and make pinecones and branches collected off your neighbor’s tree look like handmade gold cast Christmas ornaments and decor.
  • Did you know that you can make your own mercury glass using mirror effect spray paint and an old vase? Or that you can make a looking glass ball for you garden using an old bowling ball? You can, and it is awesome!
  • You can even change the appearance of the texture of your countertops from plastic to marble or a plastic wire basket into an industrial metal one with texture changing spray paint.
  • Do you have a metal item or fixture that is looking a little weathered or rusty but is still in good working condition? Don’t throw it out. You can easily fix that with a few coats of paint! Look at how beautiful and flawless this faucet looks and how inviting these once crusty looking chairs have become.

So you get the point. Spray paint is basically a godsend for old, ugly belongings. But what if you no longer need or want something for its intended use? This is where repurposing steps into the picture…

Find a Repurpose!

Finding another use for a particular item does not only generate a pretty outcome, it shows off how very clever you are! You’re using your ingenuity to save money and saving the environment with your amazing recycling skills.

  • In need of a nightstand? Want one that’s trendy, inexpensive and shows off just how well traveled you are (or hope to be one day)? Grab a couple of old dusty pieces of hard case luggage from you attic, stack them up next to your bed and top with an old mirror. Voila! You now have a unique vintage-y looking furniture statement piece that is clearly you.
  • Got some old tire laying around that you’ve been dreading taking to the dump? Does Fido need a new place to lay his furry head? Well, just put two and two together, and you’ll get… a dog bed! Simply spray paint the wheel your (or Fido’s) favorite color and fill the middle with cushioning. Suddenly you’ve got a super cool looking dog bed!
  • Who doesn’t have some ugly old picture frames laying around somewhere? Well, grab the small one, paint it, and screw in some hooks. Quickly you’ve got yourself a cute framed key holder. Now, pick up the big frame. Paint it and attach some chicken wire with a stapler to the back. Hang it up. You can use a close pin to pin up reminder notes and cards on the chicken wire. You now have a framed card holder.
  • Here is a nasty old coffee table repurposed into a beautiful bench…

Finding a new purpose for an old item is cool, but what if you want to use the item for the same thing, but just want that old junk to look cooler? That’s where refurbishing comes into play.

To Refurbish or Not To…

Refurbishing means to renovate, rehabilitate and redecorate something, the most popular and common something being furniture. A lot of the time we see something outdated, broken or ugly and our first inclination is to throw it out. But what if you put your mind to it, gave it a little attention, and exerted some labor that turned that ugly duckling into a swan? You would love that piece so much more knowing you worked for it. The following examples might steer you away from immediately tossing out that old piece you picked up from Goodwill when you were in college.

  • This old chest of drawers looks modernized and updated with this selective coat of paint.
  • Did you know that there is something called fabric paint that you can paint upholstery with? So cool, right?! Just look at how beautiful this dirty chair becomes with the swipe of a brush.

There are so many ways to revamp, reuse and recycle old belongings that you may consider junk. So before you decide to toss the baby out with the bath water, ask yourself, “Is this baby still useful?” Turn that junk into treasure!

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