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Terms and Conditions of Service

All material will be within the dumpster container and will not extend beyond the top or sides.  The material will be distributed evenly and the total weight included in the Price is limited to 5 tons. Weights over 5 tons will be charged the Overweight Fee. In no case will customer load the container beyond the 9 ton Maximum weight. The material will not contain: Appliances, tires, barrels, drums, stumps, paint, toxic or flammable waste as defined by local, county, state, or federal regulations. Customer agrees to provide clear access to the container for loading and unloading. Blocked or unready boxes will result in an additional trip charge. As your service provider, we are not responsible for damage to customer’s property. Driving on driveways and over sidewalks will be at the customer’s risk. We may refuse to haul any boxes loaded over capacity and these loads may be adjusted at customer’s expense.

Ordering a roll off dumpster from us is your acknowledgement for receipt of the equipment listed and your agreement to all Terms and Conditions listed here.


NOTE: The terms “dumpster” and “container” may be used interchangeably.