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28th Apr


To Rent a Dumpster or Hire a Junk Removal Company – That is the Question

You’ve reached a point in your adult life where you’ve somehow acquired too much stuff. Say the old hoarder in you has been driving for far too long and you want to do some dejunking, or you’ve recently undergone a major home remodel, or maybe you just want to landscape the yard of your dreams. Whatever the project, you are going to need a little bit more help than just from your brother in laws pickup truck to haul some major loads of rubbish, rubble and refuse to the Denver dump. TG Roll Off is the company to turn to when you are looking to rent the perfect dumpster for your cleanup job, but is it in your best interest to rent a dumpster or would it be better to hire a junk removal company? TG Roll Off wants to help you make the best decision for you and your cleanup needs.

When deciding between renting a dumpster from TG Roll Off and hiring a junk removal company, there are questions you must ask yourself.  Your answers will help you decide which selection to go with.

What’s the Difference Between a Dumpster Rental Company & a Junk Removal Company?

A dumpster rental company is a company from which you call up and schedule to rent a dumpster of a certain size for a planned amount of time. On the predetermined day, the dumpster rental company will drop off your selected dumpster in a location of your choosing, as long as it is in a legal setting. A good dumpster rental company, such as TG Roll Off, will be on time and provide you with a clear example of what kinds of items can and cannot be disposed of and how much refuse can be placed within their dumpsters. After you have had time to fill your dumpster, the rental company will come back and haul away all your trash and dispose of it correctly. A junk removal company, on the other hand, will arrive only when their employees are available and work only as long as the employees shift lasts. They will, however, do all of the heavy lifting and take pretty much anything you ask them to take. A junk removal company eliminates much of the work that you may have been tasked with doing and gets the trash out of your sight quickly.

How Much Garbage Do I Need to Dispose Of?

Junk removal and dumpster companies will both take as much garbage as you want to get rid of, but there is a price difference when it comes to amount of trash. Junk removal companies often haul their trash in the back of a large truck, while dumpsters are measured in the yards. TG Roll Off has dumpsters that carry as much as 40 yards. If you only have a very small amount of garbage, a junk removal company may be the right choice, but if you have a real doozy of a job, renting a dumpster will likely be your best bet.

What Kinds of Garbage Do I Need Removed?

There is a clear line between what can and cannot be thrown into a dumpster. Due to the fact that all items are thrown in together and will be taken directly to the dump, you may not use a rental dumpster to dispose of flammable or hazardous waste such as motor oil or paint chemicals. Appliances containing Freon are a no go and lead car batteries are worse. Anything with mercury or radioactive material, such as thermometers, smoke detectors or CFL lightbulbs must be disposed of using proper channels. Discarded electronics must be taken to an e-waste facility. If any of these items find their way into a dumpster, they could potentially destroy the use of the dumpster and will most certainly incur fines from the local dump. A dumpster, nevertheless is a great choice of receptacle when you are disposing of a lot of landscaping and construction material or undergoing a huge spring cleaning. It is wise to rent a dumpster when you have a great deal of non-toxic materials. A junk removal company is a good choice if you have a small amount of very heavy items. They can even take toxic materials and e-waste because they can ensure that it will be delivered to the correct location. Be aware that this may cost an extra fee for the extra trip depending on the company.

How Long Do I Plan on Working on This Project?

Junk removal companies come once, fill their receptacle to the limit of what you have paid for, and then take it away immediately. This may seem fantastic as far as getting that garbage as far out of your sight as possible, but this rushed manner may be hard for individuals that need to sift through junk and non-junk. A dumpster will sit in your driveway as long as you need it, be it 1 week or 3 months.

Can I Handle Doing The Labor Myself?

If the answer to this is question is yes, then you may want to consider renting a dumpster from us. If the answer is a resounding “no”, or you have not the desire or the time to dedicate to moving your debris into a dumpster, then a junk removal company is really the right choice for you.

How Much Do I Want to Spend on This Job?

There is not a definitive answer to which choice is the cheapest way. All of the previous questions will determine the final outcome of the bill. Junk removal customer pay in a range as low as $60 to $700 for a pick up, with an average rate of $140-$373. Renting a dumpster, including dump fees can be as cheap as $90 or cost as much as $850 for a few days, depending on how much garbage you have. TG Roll Off rental and pickup customers, on average, spend between $295 and $450. It may seem as if renting a dumpster is a much better deal at first glance, but remember, one dumpster load is almost always a much larger amount than one load hauled away by a junk removal company.

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2016-08-26 17:30:44 Reply

I would like to get a dumpster for the end of the summer. I have so much stuff that wont fit in my garage. I would like to just toss it and forget about it.

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