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17th Mar


The Nasty Truth About Illegal Dumping

IllegalDumpingSignThere are, unfortunately, many human behaviors that cause a great deal of devastation to the environment, such as deforestation, toxic gases released into the atmosphere, industrial mining, damaging farming practices, and landfills. While it would be nice to cut down on all of these actions and procedures, another way we can individually help our environment is by eliminating illegal waste dumping.

Our Trash Problem

The United States is aware we have a trash problem that is not going away anytime soon. In an attempt to manage the situation, the US has setup rules and regulations, supervised by the Environmental Protection Agency. These rules and regulations are meant to combat the release of chemicals and toxins into the surrounding ecosystem. In order to keep our citizens safe, these measures dictate what kinds of materials can go where and how they are to be disposed. Flammables must not be dumped with everyday refuse; chemicals may not be poured out where it can contaminate soil, groundwater, rivers lakes or streams; items containing Freon or battery acid must be carefully removed; and electronics must be disposed of by way of an e-waste facility. A great deal of our garbage can cause a lot of harm, so we must deal with it appropriately. Many legitimate dumpster rental companies and landfills strictly follow and enforce these environmental rules when disposing refuse and debris. TG Roll Off, a local Denver company, cares about the local and worldwide impact its behavior can have on all communities, and therefore also rigorously adheres to such laws. Sadly, there are those who choose not to do so, and continue to engage in illegal dumping.

What is Illegal Dumping?

Illegal dumping is the unauthorized and prohibited discard of material in locations apart from sites, such as landfills and transfer stations, which have been officially designated for the specific purpose of waste accumulation and housing. In layman’s terms, dumping your household trash on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere is considered illegal dumping. Illegal dumping can also be pouring out a bunch of leftover chemicals from your company’s last contract into the sewer drains. Anyone can commit illegal dumping; regular civilian households, individuals, companies, industries, and heck, even unregulated government! All illegal dumping is bad, but toxic waste dumping is worse. It can cause injury and even death in all living creatures if it is allowed to pollute and infect our natural resources, the areas we live, the water we drink, the food we consume, and the air we breathe. Haphazardly abandoning toxic waste can have irreparable damages to the earth and its inhabitants, not to mention it just looks awful and smells worse. Dumping rules and regulations vary federally, state by state, and even by city, so it is best to research how and where you can dispose of waste.

Legal Consequences

Illegal dumping can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony, contingent on where the dumping occurred and how much was unlawfully disposed. Other factors include the ecological threat the material contained, if the dumper has had prior issues following these laws, and if the act was perpetrated by an independent party or by a commercial enterprise. Fines and community service are common penalties for illegal dumping, but harsher sentences are regularly doled out, such as restitution, remediation, probation, and even incarceration. Individuals accused of illegal dumping can face fines up to $25,000 and companies $50,000. Perhaps a fine of $50,000 doesn’t seem like that much to a company when it costs much more to properly dispose of certain waste, but prison time and an expensive legal battle, not to mention a PR nightmare, should be more than enough of a deterrent!

How to Deal With Illegal Dumping

The most effective impact you can have on illegal dumping is to simply not do it. This may seem small, but your choices and behavior can have a ripple effect that travels across communities and down generations. You can be a shining example by disposing of your waste properly with the help of legitimate local trash services or renting a dumpster to deal with large quantities. Junk removal companies will come to your house and efficiently haul off your old items and rubbish for much less than an illegal dumping fine cost, and it takes so much less effort on your part! You can also drop off your old belongings at an upcycling, trading or donation center, at the dump, a recycling facility or a transfer station. Note that while most of these places are free, some, like the dump, do require a small fee. This small fee is nothing, however, compared to the environmental price of illegal dumping. So contact TG Roll Off today, and get the dumpster help you desire and need!

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